विद्या ददाति विनयं । विनयाद् याति पात्रताम् ॥ पात्रत्वात् धनमाप्नोति । धनाद्धर्मं ततঃ सुखम् ॥
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An Appeal for Participation in Building a Good College

Our endeavor to serve education started in 1999, by establishing a coaching center namely Institute of Science Education after seeing the faulty method of coaching in different coaching centers. Our approach to coaching gave us astounding results. This has reinforced our commitment to serve education further, serve education better.

To serve education further, we founded a public charitable trust, Science Education Foundation, which would go beyond us. The objective of the trust is to promote Science education and fulfil aspirations of many meritorious, economically underprivileged, and socially underserved students. We have also guided a number of motiveless unrecognized geniuses to success.

To serve education better, we established a junior college, Aspire +2 Science College under the management of the trust. We did all these with tuition fees collected from some parents and donations from some benevolent people who believe donation as a means of doing a just thing for the society and who believe in us.

Once again, it is a test of our leadership in guiding the students to a better future. At the college, we focus on the intellectual growth of the students and make it certain that they do their graduation in the discipline of their choice. All the passed-out students are doing their graduation in science, technology, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, veterinary and agriculture. The brightest of them are at IIT K, AIIMS, Kolkata Medical College, Chennai Medical College and Ravenshaw College.

Now is the time for construction of the college building. We have already purchased 1.85 acres of land for this purpose at Giringaput, Mendhasala a suburban area of Bhubaneswar, with donations from people who believe in us and believe in charity.

The construction of the building and other infrastructures with loan from the bank, makes the cost of education high. It prevents us from fulfilling our objective of serving the meritorious, underprivileged, underserved and unguided students with better education. So, we have decided to turn towards you for donation and crowd funding.

In this regard, we have two ideals - Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya and Andrew Carnegie. Panditji, the Founder of Banaras Hindu University had demonstrated that, a good educational institution can be established with seeking donations from worthy persons of the society irrespective of their wealth. Carnegie, the richest man in the history of USA, in his famous articles, Gospel of Wealth and The Best Fields for Philanthropy, has established that, a worthy and wealthy person must spend his/her wealth after keeping a fair amount for his/her family, in the infrastructure for education, public library, health care, public park and community hall for cultural activities. According to him, the maintenance of the infrastructure would be the responsibility of the users.

We seek donations for

1. Construction of college building 4 Crore.

2. Construction of boys’ hostel 2 Crore.

3. Construction of girls’ hostel 1 Crore.

Our Prayer

1. Donate us; no lower limit; no limit on number of times one can donate.

2. Give us Loan without interest for a stipulated period; We pay you back as per commitment.

3. Give us Loan with soft interest for a stipulated period; We pay you back as per commitment.

Benefits and Rights of Donors

1. 80 G benefits: as per the IT rules, donors are entitled to the deduction of 50% of donated amount from their Gross Income while calculating Total Income for paying IT.

2. The amount received as donation is spent for the same cause, as it has been received for. It is never spent for administrative purposes.

3. Donors can request to name a class room, laboratory, library, hostel or hostel room after any person whom they love/respect.

4. A donor can call back the donated amount, if (s)he finds any kind of misutilization of the donated funds.

We receive all donations through bank only

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